TianJin KeTeDi Auto Parts Co., LTD

成立时间:2009.11 注册资本:500万元,厂房实用:10000㎡,公司人数:现有员工78人,管理人员10名,技术6名,项目开发3名,业 务2名,品质4名,实验室2人。经营范围:汽车、电子、电器五金、微通道、铜管散热器表面处理及化工原料研




Thecompany was incorporated in 2009.


In 2010, the company passed the ISO9001-2000 systemcertification and passed the national environmental assessment.


In 2011, it obtained the tianjinscience and technology enterprise recognition certificate and passed the Toyotarecognition.


Passed the TS16949 quality systemcertification in 2013.


In July 2014, it passed thecertification of Great Wall company.


It was approved by byd in 2015.


In June 2016, it passed the audit of Toyota textile.


In September 2016, it was recognized by Shanghai Broseas a supplier of Brose.


Approved by Gestamp in March 2017.


It was approved byGeely Research Institute in May 2017


Approved by Metalsain June 2017


InDecember 2017, it was approved by Linde+Engley(Tianjin).


Approved by   Lear in July 2018.

*201811月完成TS 16949转版审核。

The review of TS16949 will be completed in November 2018.


InJanuary 2019, the company will obtain the permit for sewage discharge into thedrainage network.


Magna approved in March 2019


The new pollutantdischarge permit was issued in April 2019.20197月本特勒审核通过   Bentelerapproved in July   2019